Lauriston Girls’ School: Guidelines of Use and Privacy Policy

The Lauriston Girls’ School Portal, ‘Schoolbox’, is an interactive web space for the use of students, parents and staff.

 ‘Schoobox’ is the Intranet for members of our School Community with two primary uses:

  • Publishing information in a web environment (online collaboration);
  • An interactive space for teachers and students in their subject classes.

 Information will be published that is related to our school’s academic and co-curricular program, and information services for the administration operations of the School.

 Information on the Lauriston Girls’ School Intranet is available only to the students, staff and parents of our School Community.

 The member of staff or student who publishes information will be responsible for the content. Content must be appropriate in an educational context or related to the general operations of the School.

 To use the Lauriston Portal an individual must be an authorised network account user with a valid password.

 The Lauriston community of students, staff and parents will each hold individual network accounts and unique passwords.

 It is illegal to use the Lauriston Portal without authenticating as an authorised account holder in the Lauriston Girls’ School network.

 It is illegal to use another person’s account and/or password.

 Copyright and Intellectual Property

The following guidelines encompass all aspects of the Lauriston Portal and where it is practicable and within our control, any references to and links to sources on the Internet.

 Copyright and Intellectual Property guidelines apply to two key functions of the Lauriston Portal:

  • Content published by staff and students
  • Information, data, resources, graphics, references or other material from another source

 All content must meet the Copyright Licence Agreements and use the recognised standards of acknowledgement and recognition.